Board of directors


Jan Samuelson
Executive Chairman
Born 1963

M.Sc. in Economics

Holdings in Sdiptech: 191,000 Class B shares and 90,000 buy options

Jan Samuelson currently holds a number of board appointments, for example as chairman of the board for the recently listed Resurs Holding AB. Jan formerly worked as Senior Partner at Accent Equity Partners and before that as Senior Vice President at EF Education.


Ashkan Pouya
Board Member
Born 1976

Business Administrations

Holdings in Sdiptech: 2,000,000 Class A shares and 12,581,711 Class B shares (through Serendipity Group AB)

Ashkan Pouya is an experienced serial entrepreneur who has been involved in starting several research-based companies in both executive and non-executive positions and was previously Director of Innovation at Lund University. Ashkan has a background in Business Administration, studying at Uppsala University, Queen’s University and the WHU-Otto Besheim School of Management in Germany. Furthermore, Ashkan has had a successful career as an elite athlete, becoming the World Champion in Combat Jujitsu in 2000.

Saeid Esmaeilzadeh_DSC_4068-Redigera

Saeid Esmaeilzadeh
Board Member
Born 1974

Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry

Holdings in Sdiptech: 2,000,000 Class A shares and 12,581,711 Class B shares (through Serendipity Group AB)

Saeid is a serial entrepreneur having established and managed a range of research-intensive companies in various industries. In 2002, he became the youngest associate professor in Sweden. He has received many distinctions and awards for his research as well as for his achievements as an entrepreneur. Saeid is an experienced board member and since 2010 has been the CEO of Serendipity Innovations. Saeid has a Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from Stockholm University.


Katarina Lundblad Pinnekamp
Board Member
Born 1952

M.Sc. in Material Science

Holdings in Sdiptech: 9,090 Class B shares

Katarina Lundblad Pinnekamp has over 30 years’ worth of experience in the areas of technology, technological R&D and intellectual property. Formerly IP Manager and a member of the Technology Management Group at ABB Sweden, as well as Group Patent Counsel for ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd, she is often engaged as a consultant and investor. She is currently active as a member of the board for Exeger.


Johnny Alvarsson
Board Member
Born 1950

M.Sc. in Engineering

Holdings in Sdiptech: 18,200 Class B shares and 18,000 buy options

Johnny Alvarsson has had several executive positions in both industrial and technological companies. Johnny was previously CEO of Indutrade, CEO of Elektronikgruppen and CEO at Zeteco AB, and has held several managerial positions at Ericsson prior to that. He is currently active as a member of the board for Instalco and VBG and serves as the chairman of the board for FM Mattsson Mora.

Markus Sjöholm
Board Member
Born 1971

LL.M. & M.Sc. in Economics

Holdings in Sdiptech: 15,000 Class B shares

Markus Sjöholm is a civil economist and lawyer with over 21 years of experience from nordic private equity, most recently as Managing Partner between 2014-2017 at CapMan Buyout.