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As Sdiptech expands organically and via acquisitions we are continuously looking for new members for our team. We believe in a framework in which our entrepreneurs hold a significant degree of responsibility for the continued development of their business. Therefore, a critical area for us is to help them find the right individuals for their continued success. We are looking for entrepreneurial leaders with niche competencies relevant to the organization and building our subsidiaries.

We require a high operating capacity, keen interest in business and technology, and good analytical skills. Our organization is characterized by an open, creative work environment, where business acumen and lateral thinking are encouraged.

We look for good results from a technical or business degree, preferably with a focus on entrepreneurship. Depending on which niche we are recruiting for, we also value the specific technical training and insights for that sector. Good communication skills are a necessity.

In addition to supporting our entrepreneurs Sdiptech hand-picks a small group of administrative specialists to lead and support the entire Group.


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Sdiptech is always looking for talented individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and with characteristics that correspond well with what is written above. If you feel you match our profile and could see yourself working at Sdiptech, submit a general application below with your contact information and a brief description of yourself.

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