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Our story

Sdiptech has during the last few years rapidly expanded its portfolio of products and services with a focus on technical services and infrastructure technology. We have done so with the help of skilled entrepreneurs with a high degree of autonomy to manage their respective businesses.


The accumulated expertise and experience in acquisitions, international expansions, and the management of creative teams has laid the foundation for the Group’s non-invasive management philosophy. A philosophy that aims to inspire creativity as well as stimulate growth.


In March 2015 the company listed its preference shares on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. The preference share issue added SEK 175 million of capital for the Group, to support continued growth. For the same reason, an issue of common shares class B was completed in May 2017, which provided a financially sound foundation for further expansion.


Today, Sdiptech’s business model is geared towards specialized technology, installation, service, and maintenance. Demand for these different types of services tends to fluctuate independently of each other, providing the Sdiptech Group with more stable revenues over time. Sdiptech is actively seeking to add new businesses and lines of products and services to the Group.


We still rely on entrepreneurial drive, and innovative solutions, but we apply these to a model that emphasizes the longevity of quality companies with proven track records.

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