Infrastructure segments with long-term growth

In focus for Sdiptech’s growth are infrastructure segments critical to well-functioning societies and to welfare.

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Power & Energy
  • Transportation
  • Energy efficiency & Air climate

As part of our offering in urban areas, we also provide niched technical services for buildings and real-estate such as renovation of elevators and roofs.

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Aging infrastructures put pressure on repair and rebuilds in order to uphold current supply

Capacity requirements continue to grow as consumption of electricity, energy, and water increases

Urbanization increases shortage and strain on infrastructures when populations are being concentrated


More sustainable, efficient, and safe societies drive improvements to infrastructures. A constant strive for higher standards of living is deeply rooted in mankind. As citizens and consumers, we expect improvements and continuously raise the norms for what is acceptable. Policy-makers adapt, and regulations, implemented in infrastructures, are constantly updated.