The Sdiptech model and Our culture

  • We believe in the leading edge of engineering expertise
  • We believe in the diversity of different company cultures
  • We believe in the power of entrepreneurial drive and ambition
  • We believe in the growth that prospers in a network of businesses

Sdiptech has substantial experience in founding and running successful niched businesses. This experience-based knowledge of what actually works is the foundation for our culture and the Sdiptech model.

Business entrepreneurs

Our niches are run by business entrepreneurs with a proven record of independently and successfully developed profitable businesses. Some of them are the original founders of a niche and some have been recruited for their exceptional business and entrepreneurial skills to develop a niche further.


A “central brain” is effective in a bureaucratic hierarchy, but would effectively destroy entrepreneurial drive and ambition. Instead, the Sdiptech model is based upon the understanding that every business leader should have responsibility and the mandate to run his/her business independently. Being close to customers and maintaining  the flexibility to tailor solutions and act on events in the business environment are critical for any successful niched company.

Non-invasive synergies

We advocate decentralization but at the same time encourage cooperation to create synergies. We provide creative support to stimulate cross-business synergies with a large degree of independence. We call this non-invasive synergies.


Non-invasive synergies can:
  • open new markets previously not accessible by cross-selling goods
  • gain access to new customer segments previously too large by collaborating on deals
  • introduce unique propositions to a market by jointly bundle customer offerings

A non-invasive synergy is per definition a win-win situation because it is developed and agreed on by the involved business entrepreneurs.