Drivers for international expansion

Sdiptech’s market focus is on the urban infrastructures of continuously growing cities.

Apart from Stockholm, there are a number of larger metropolitan areas in Europe with solid growth projections. These growing metropolitan areas provide opportunities for internationalization – and as an integral part of our strategy we carry out selective acquisitions in Europe. Additional synergies based on geography can thereby be achieved through cross-pollination of products and services between businesses operating in different geographic markets. Acquisitions outside of Sweden opens up new local networks and channels, decrease the threshold for further acquisitions in these markets and establishes a foothold.

Markets relevant for Sdiptech exhibit a set of primary characteristics:

  1. Stable urbanization trend for underlying market growth
  2. Mature markets with high degree of infrastructure regulations
  3. Mature markets with predictable conditions for conducting business


Growing urban areas


Our main market, representing the majority of our revenue, has the fastest population growth of the European capital cities. The underlying growth entails high demand for renovating and developing functional urban infrastructures and a naturally long-term demand for Sdiptech’s services and products.

Vienna & London

Both Vienna and London exhibits similar trends as Stockholm in terms of urbanization and market maturity with an outlook of long-term growth. Local businesses within installation, products and services provide a client base for which a selection of Sdiptech’s niched products and services can be offered and sold.


Supply center


Our supply centre for the global elevator industry in Zagreb is well-positioned to serve our main market and other geographic areas across Europe. Skilled technicians as well as high-end materials for custom elevators, for example elevators in high-rise buildings, are offered across Europe and worldwide. Collaborations with Sdiptech’s local elevator businesses is a good example of fulfilled synergies within the Group derived from our internationalization strategy.