Our Focus Areas


Water consumption have increased twice as fast as the population, and enough water to supply 200 million people is leaking every day from aging infrastructure. Combine this with increasing uncertainties in weather conditions and stricter regulations on what is considered clean, the need for technology to purify, filter, and locally source fresh water is growing fast.

Sdiptech provide important such solutions, including water cleaning plants, municipal pump stations, and wastewater treatment solutions.


Digitization is creating increasingly more data to handle and over 20 percent of the world’s power will be consumed by data centers alone in 2025. Automated equipment becomes ever more complex, requiring higher safety, reliability, and power quality. We also want renewable energy sources, but their instability in supply levels and quality is a crucial problem.

Examples of Sdiptech solutions include niched cooling systems, power quality monitoring equipment, and electrical automation and steering.


The market for niched technologies is necessarily fragmented, but with our special focus on infrastructure, we are constantly looking to add new solutions to the group. We search in markets that are driven by the strong and long-lasting trends underpinning our business, and we look for profitable businesses that have been governed excellently.

Examples of Sdiptech solutions include air radio communication, advanced security & surveillance, and control systems for energy efficiency and indoor climate.


The European building infrastructure is aging. In combination with high urbanization, and growing populations, cities are facing enormous challenges in maintenance and modernization, as well as with creating new structures that are sustainable, efficient and safe.

Sdiptech is a leading actor in several niches crucial to coping with these challenges, providing, for example, elevator modernization, roof renovations, and inner-wall rebuilds.