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The more that sensitive equipment is installed in modern cities the higher the need for cooling to ensure optimal operating temperatures. Sdiptech’s businesses offers niched installation services within cooling in order to create customized solutions that meet regulations and optimize energy consumption.

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Automation is also a critical part of modern infrastructure. Ranging from traffic signals to climate control, modern properties are equipped with efficient automation. Sdiptech’s solutions are found through Stockholm in, for instance, hospitals, data centres, banks and subway stations.

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In the elevator industry, Sdiptech’s operations include all services throughout the life cycle and across the value chain, from installation and service to renovation and modernization. Demand for renovation and new installations varies over the business cycle, which balances the flow of orders over time.

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The urbanization and improved economic conditions place high demands on robust power grids and are a key part of the infrastructure. Sdiptech offers solutions that monitor and analyze power quality as well as document the sources of disturbances in the power distribution.

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To determine the right materials, the shape and characteristics of a new product are crucial in order for it to succeed on the market. Our prototypes are found in infrastructure, the automotive industry and in marine medical technology. The prototypes are the basis for products and services that we see around us and use daily.

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Through in-depth specialization in plaster as a material, we carry out services related to lightweight interior constructions with high quality and efficiency. Through specializing on plaster, Sdiptech has the capacity to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers that reduce cost and complexity.

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Uninterruptible power supply is built into a large amount of the urban infrastructure. Our UPS and battery installations secures the operation of municipalities, industrial companies and hospitals where it is essential that the power supply is never compromised.

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Delivery rooms and operating theatres in hospitals are in need of advanced ventilation solutions to secure a healthy working environment when using nitrous oxide and performing laser surgery. Sdiptech’s leading products ensure clean air for medical personnel as well as reducing harmful effects on the environment and climate.

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On construction sites, the rules regarding environmental impact when performing blasting works and pile driving are strict. High demands are placed on guaranteeing compliance, and Sdiptech offers services in measurement and vibration analysis across Stockholm.

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By offering municipalities and companies a leading calibration centre for water metering and district heating metering, Sdiptech provides municipalities in Sweden with a full service to exchange, renovate, calibrate and re-install meters.

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On the outskirts of metropolitan areas that the central network does not reach, the need arises for specific local solutions for water treatment. Sdiptech offer solutions including sewage treatment plants and planning of drainage solutions to ensure that these sites have access to clean water of the highest quality.