Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee makes proposals in such a way that the Annual General Meeting can pass resolutions.

The 2018 Annual General Meeting resolved to give the Chairman of the Board of Directors the assignment of contacting the largest shareholders by voting power as of 31 August 2018 and request them to appoint members, who would constitute the Nomination Committee. In accordance therewith, a Nomination Committee has been appointed, consisting of:


  • Marcus Wahlberg (representing Elementa Management)
    • Chairman of the Nomination Committee
  • Saeid Esmaeilzadeh (representing Serendipity Group AB)
  • Magnus Skåninger (representing Swedbank Robur Fonder)
  • Jan Samuelson (Chairman of the Board of Directors)


The principal task of the Nomination Committee is to make proposals for directors, chairman and auditors, and to make proposals for the fees to be paid in such a way that the Annual General Meeting can pass a well-founded resolution.


Proposal for the AGM

The proposal of the Nomination Committee is published in connection with the notice for the Annual General Meeting and is also made available at the Company’s website. The mandate period of the Nomination Committee lasts until a new Nomination Committee has been appointed. No fees are payable for Nomination Committee work.


Shareholders’ influence

Proposal to the Nomination Committee can be submitted by e-mail to: or by mail to the company under address:

Nomination Committee
Sdiptech AB
Stureplan 13
SE-111 45 Stockholm