Organization and Governance

Sdiptech is a business group of niched companies serving the expanding and more advanced infrastructures of society with specialized technology, solutions, and services. Our focus areas include water, power & energy, air, transportation, and building technical services.

Decentralized operating model with synergies

Our companies are run independently, which means that the inherent strength of each respective niche is maintained. In order to be successful in the markets in which they operate, every business has an individual culture and a set of unique practices developed over a long time that we preserve by using a decentralized model. The conditions for profitable growth lie in the individual uniqueness of every niche, and decentralized decision-making is therefore crucial for working as effectively as possible.

Even though the operational model is based on independent companies, Sdiptech encourages collaboration between the businesses to create synergies. Our businesses operate in the same, or closely related, markets in various geographic areas, which creates natural business opportunities. Our synergies in terms of revenue are mainly achieved by joint offerings to customers and by opening extra profitable customer segments to each other.

Group governance

The Group governance is based on the following three areas of focus:

  1. Long-term perspective
    Succession planning to ensure continuity.
    Identification of synergies and new opportunities to enhance sustainable growth.
  2. Reporting and monitoring
    Financial reporting/follow-up on a monthly basis in order to monitor progress and establish a path for the future.
    The Group ensures that relevant policies are implemented, such as the Code of Conduct.
  3. Focus on profitability
    Profitability trend analysis to proactively identify actions.
    Identification of synergies and new opportunities that add to profitability.

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