Preference share information

Sdiptech’s preference share began trading on Nasdaq First North Premier under the name SDIP PREF (ISIN-code SE0006758348) in March 2015.

1,750,000 preference shares were issued, raising a total of SEK 175 million.

Certified Adviser

Sdiptech’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North Premier is Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag.

Upcoming dividend payments

Record date Payment date
15 March 2019 20 March 2019
14 June 2019 19 June 2019
13 September 2019 18 September 2019
13 December 2019 18 December 2019

The Preference share in brief

Summary of terms and conditions for preference share
Share price SEK 100 per share
Dividend SEK 8 per year, paid in four quarterly installments. The preference share is not entitled to any additional dividend or part of the Company’s profits.
Voting rights 1 vote per preference share
Non-payment of dividend In case a dividend payment or part of a dividend payment is not distributed for a certain quarter, the withheld amount will accumulate as a liability in favor of the preference share holder. The withheld amount will increase at a rate of 12 percent annually up until the time such withheld amount is distributed. Up until that point, no ordinary dividend can be paid to any other shareholders than the preference shareholders.
Redemption clause Redemption of the preference shares can be made after first having been decided by the Company’s Board of Directors. The redemption amount is SEK 120 per share during 0-24 months after the initial share issue, SEK 110 per share during months 25-48, and SEK 105 per share thereafter – in all cases with addition of any withheld amount including interest and any accrued dividend. In case the redemption amount exceeds the quota value the Company needs to have available unrestricted equity in the same amount.