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Sdiptech’s Preference Shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Premiere since March 2015.


Current run-rate illustrates the group’s full year Revenue for 2015 under the assumption that companies acquired during 2015 and 2016 would have been owned by Sdipech from 1st January 2015.

Market focus

Sdiptech operates with a clear market focus. The market strategy is to target urban areas with stable growth outlooks and demand for construction, renewal and recurring renovation of infrastructure is long lasting and increasing.


New infrastructure

A growing population and expanding economy leads to continous expansion of urban infrastructure.



  • Increased pressure on existing infrastructure lead to growing demand for service, maintenance and repairs.
  • Increasing demand on quality of life and environmental focus leads to progressive modernization of existing infrastructure.
  • Government regulations is continuously renewed and generates waves of adjustments over the infrastructure.

Sdiptech as an investment

Sdiptech acquire companies with high historical organic growth, strong financial track records, operating in market niches with strong underlying growth trends. Through non-invasive synergies and partnerships within the group, Sdiptech helps to reinforce this development for the individual businesses through cross-pollination of sales channels and means for geographical expansion.

Attractive financial profile

  • Between 2013-2016 the net sales CAGR amounted to 159%, which is primarily driven by acquisitions.
  • Between 2011-2016 the organic net sales CAGR from businesses within Sdiptech amounted to 13.2%.
  • Between 2013-2016 the EBITA CAGR was 181%.

Infrastructure as a business model

Infrastructure often involves critical functions that must work around the clock. Through focus on service and maintenance of such infrastructure, Sdiptech sign long-term agreements with customers to ensure continuous availability. Through our positioning we have a high proportion of recurring revenue currently at 20%.


Renovation, which in absolute terms is a larger market than new constructions, is independent of economic cycles, creating long-term stability and predictability in revenue. Sdiptech’s share of revenue from the renovation market is 40%.

Balanced risk profile

The fundamental principles behind Sdiptech’s strategy is to deliver strong growth with a balanced risk. Sdiptech achieves this through three main points:

  1. By being an organization consisting of independent, well-managed and diversified niche businesses
  2. By having a reduced financial risk through using ring-fencing structures in each acquisition and through downside mechanisms in all transactions
  3. By acting through a scalable and proven operational model based on decentralization

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