Revolutionising method for allergy prevention

Serendipity Innovations has initiated an exciting collaboration with Encubator in the form of the newly established company Premune AB, a company expected to revolutionize the market with its method of allergy prevention.

Serendipity Innovations AB has, in collaboration with Encubator AB, founded the company Premune. The launch is built upon an innovation project that Encubator previously operated in cooperation with Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and the Sahlgrenska Academy. The project began in 2009 within the scope of the education program where students drive the development of business ideas from both the academia and business community. This is a unique process that provides new opportunities to commercialise innovations in research.

"We have previously recruited several driven business developers from Encubator and are very pleased to enter a greater cooperation. Along with Encubator, Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship operates Sweden's best entrepreneurship training," says Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, CEO of Serendipity Innovations AB.

Allergies are a large and ever-growing problem. It is the children who suffer most, and it is also in this segment that the prevalence of allergies is increasing most rapidly. It is, above all, allergic asthma that is increasing. More than 300 million people suffer from allergic asthma, which is the primary cause of absenteeism as well as the most common cause of hospitalization among children and adolescents. Allergic asthma results in the loss of 250,000 lives annually and costs society 20 million US dollars every year. In Sweden, the prevalence of allergies among children and adolescents has more than tripled since the 80's. Today, more than 40 percent of all Swedish children suffer from one or more allergies.

Premune is built upon world-leading research in bacteriology and immunology - 15 years of clinical studies at Göteborg University and the Sahlgrenska Academy. Researchers Agnes Wold, Anna Rudin and Ingegerd Adlerberth have discovered and patented a revolutionary new method for allergy prevention through stimulation of the immune system's tolerance mechanisms with a natural protein. Premune has been developed since 1 December 2011.

Stockholm, 26 January 2012

Premune AB

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