The Serendipity Bee Summit – an initiative for increased investment in Nordic growth companies

The Serendipity Bee Summit, an interactive seminar for investors and people interested in investing, will be held on November 11. The format is unique in that it aims to contribute to increase the desire to invest in Nordic start-ups and growth companies through competence development and quality-assured deal-flow.

"Lately we have been able to follow a welcome debate focusing on the innovation and entrepreneurial climate in Sweden, with demands being made in favor of more targeted investments for increased entrepreneurship. One essential aspect that unfortunately has not come to light is the importance of early investors and business angels whose capital and expertise is critical to whether new companies will be able to emerge and establish themselves in the Swedish and international markets," says Saeid Esmaeiladeh, co-founder and CEO of Serendipity Innovations.

The main focus of this edition of the Bee Summit on November 11 is investment philosophies for listed and unlisted investments. Experts and prominent investors will participate in the seminar to share their respective philosophies, their experiences and their perspectives on which factors are important with regards to investing in companies in different phases and industries. These theories can then be applied practically to five companies with capital requirements that have been invited to introduce themselves during the seminar.

"The people who invest in growth companies today are not a homogenous group. They have different experience and knowledge of industries, company development and trends. A recent article from Connect shows a clear need and desire for efforts that develop competence and that are tied to practical cases. Our goal is to offer a forum focusing on exchanging knowledge and real experiences surrounding different kinds of investments," says Saeid Esmaeilzadeh.

Each year, nearly 70,000 companies are started in Sweden. There are statistics showing that 4 out of 5 new jobs are created in small companies with less than 50 employees. With a stronger investment climate, the opportunities for entrepreneurs to build new companies that create economic growth increase.

Participating speakers include investor personalities like Henrik Rhenman, a fund manager who has repeatedly been recognized for his outstanding results; Martin Hauge, General Partner at Creandum, which was the first institutional investor in Spotify; and Amin Omrani, the head of development of the Serendipity group who has built more than 15 research and technology based companies in different industries.

The Serendipity Bee Summit will take place on November 11 at 12-18 at Berns, Berzelii Park. Participation is free of charge and registration is open until Thursday, November 6. Register at

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