Niche engineering for urban infrastructures

Sdiptech’s focus is on urban infrastructures. We provide deeply niched products and services within modernization, new installation, service & maintenance in e.g. hospitals, traffic systems, water supply systems, and data centers.

Revenue, Msek

Trend: Urbanization

Migration to big city metropoles increases pressure on urban infrastructures.

Digitalization escalates the need to continuously upgrade and expand digital infrastructures.

In specialized niches, Sdiptech is well positioned to fulfill this growing demand.
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Deep niches

Deep know-how and specialization enable higher customer value and above average margins.

Our tailored solutions contain built-in protection against competitors, for long-lasting profitability.

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Group synergies arise thanks to our geographic focus on urban areas.

Closeness to common customers enables us to create new and winning offerings and provide opportunities for deeper relationships with suppliers.

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